Tuesday, 31 May 2011


Pissed I didn't do P90X today, happy that I ordered and paid for Lite 'n Easy next week.
So bit mixed.
Just got home from Star Wars night, the dog didn't poop inside and just ate the first thing since his owner left yesterday, so happy about that.
Bed time now, doing P90X tomorrow for sure.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Feel like tipping water on my laptop.
Feel like tipping water on my laptop.
This was supposed to be my chance to do this.  The fucking dog is jumping all over me when I'm trying to do it, put him behind a door and he scratches and barks at me.  Fuck!  So stupid.


Literally five minutes into P90X and I have to stop because my elephant feet are making the fish tank shake when I do the 'marching' exercise.  FML.  Need to find somewhere else to do it, and while there is a spare bedroom there's not enough space there, the garage is literally fully of stuff, not a square meter of space to move around.  Shit.

Edit:  Okay, so yes, shit still does happen, and I'm going to keep going just slower or something.  I really don't want to kill the fish, seeing as how they're not mine.

Okay, for real now.

Hi fake-internet people!

So as the description says, I'm 23, totally unfit, with my life goal being to join the RAAF as Security Police (SECPOL) as a Working Dog Handler.

I'm currently house-sitting, I moved out of home a few months ago and lived with my cousin and her girlfriend for two months until they packed up and moved for the country.  Was panicking a little, until my dad told me about a friend of his that needed a house-sitter. Perfect.
So she's away for three weeks, but before the end of the year she is doing a 3ish month trip around the country, so I'm here until the end of the year, which conveniently coincides with when I will be joining the Air Force!

So that's a bit about me.  At some stage I'll take some photos, but I really can't bring myself to do it right now.
In about half an hour I'll be going into the lounge to start my first ever P90X workout.  Yes, a little nervous.  For those of you who don't know, go look it up.  I've linked this blog to a website that I love, and they have a strict no-advertising no-spam policy, that I can more than live with, so if you want to know more, go look.

Now, what I can advertise is the website itself that I'm talking about, and that is fitday.com.  It.  Is.  Awesome.
Personally, I don't use most of the site - you know, the calorie counter, all the good stuff. Nope.  I only use the forum.  Because the people there are amazing.  So if you've stumbled across this blog and you're not from fitday and you're trying to lose weight, go there now.  Stop reading, and go.  Create a free account, and even if you're like me and don't use the 'real' part of the site, the people have awesome tips and advice, and awesome personalities.

Okay, welcome back.  Hope you enjoyed it.

Another thing I'll be doing - when I can afford it - it starting Lite 'n Easy.  Can't wait.  All my calories?  Counted!  Booyah!

So, enough of this, time for me to get P90Xing.

Peace out for now guys, I'll let you know how I go in a few hours, if I can move!


Now putting some funny stuff here so I can see what a long post will look like.
Bear with me, God knows what will go here  *searches portable hard drive for anything funny-related*.

<Amergin|afk> I am dyslexic of Borg. You will be ass laminated

<Ruaidhri> well fuck me pink and call me nancy.
* Beerman fucks Ruaidhri pink * Ruaidhri feels better now
<Beerman> thats great, nancy

<darkw00d> Line 11 is - = dir($pagedir);
<darkw00d> anyone know what might be wrong?
<DrPoole-> the programmer?

<Tony> I challenge you to a duel.
<Tony> Penises, at dawn.
<Beerman> but battling against an unarmed opponent is so unfair

<Technogen> its just Tony, read it like you would read something I said.
<Kitsune> you mean ignore it?

<KAboomy> deon is so witty, he can question someone's sexual adequacy and orientation
<Kitsune> yeah well, he's not as good as you boomy. he has to use words, but your mere existence makes me question my attraction to men as a whole

<Tony> I love particle physics. Especially ramming protons into each other
<Donitz> Because that's as close as you'll ever get to sex?

<DAEMON> isnt patience one of the seven deadly sins or something?

<{MaraJade}> it's like when I first came home with glasses and I found out that trees actually had individual leaves

<I-CA_Kilgore|262-2> As funny as...a flash flood in a Fizzies factory

<Aries_Dalar> Names are important; they help distinguish people like Jesus and Santa from people like Hitler and Canadians.

<connor9> I guess the worst part of my trip to Mexico was when I found out that "cockfighting" didn't really mean what I thought it did.

<Vorador> you sound like my mom
<Vorador> she's hot

[21:36] <Goon|Uni> my drivers side car door no longer opens from the inside
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> I have to wind down the window and open it from the outside. It's quite fun
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> what kind of car?
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> A Nissan Pintara
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> do they sell Opel's in AU?
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> Pintara? I have no idea what the US equivalent is
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> It's grey and has an engine. That's about the extent of my car knowledge
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> Sentra or something?
[21:38] <tate-colorforming> nm
[21:38] <Goon|Uni> Apparently I'm supposed to keep it topped up with petrol

Hope you had a chuckle at my funnies.  I think I used to find them funny.  Oh well.

Sorting Out The Look

First post here, just going to spend some time trying to sort out the look of the blog.  So writing nothing in particular here, just need something so I can see what a post looks like.