Monday, 30 May 2011


Now putting some funny stuff here so I can see what a long post will look like.
Bear with me, God knows what will go here  *searches portable hard drive for anything funny-related*.

<Amergin|afk> I am dyslexic of Borg. You will be ass laminated

<Ruaidhri> well fuck me pink and call me nancy.
* Beerman fucks Ruaidhri pink * Ruaidhri feels better now
<Beerman> thats great, nancy

<darkw00d> Line 11 is - = dir($pagedir);
<darkw00d> anyone know what might be wrong?
<DrPoole-> the programmer?

<Tony> I challenge you to a duel.
<Tony> Penises, at dawn.
<Beerman> but battling against an unarmed opponent is so unfair

<Technogen> its just Tony, read it like you would read something I said.
<Kitsune> you mean ignore it?

<KAboomy> deon is so witty, he can question someone's sexual adequacy and orientation
<Kitsune> yeah well, he's not as good as you boomy. he has to use words, but your mere existence makes me question my attraction to men as a whole

<Tony> I love particle physics. Especially ramming protons into each other
<Donitz> Because that's as close as you'll ever get to sex?

<DAEMON> isnt patience one of the seven deadly sins or something?

<{MaraJade}> it's like when I first came home with glasses and I found out that trees actually had individual leaves

<I-CA_Kilgore|262-2> As funny as...a flash flood in a Fizzies factory

<Aries_Dalar> Names are important; they help distinguish people like Jesus and Santa from people like Hitler and Canadians.

<connor9> I guess the worst part of my trip to Mexico was when I found out that "cockfighting" didn't really mean what I thought it did.

<Vorador> you sound like my mom
<Vorador> she's hot

[21:36] <Goon|Uni> my drivers side car door no longer opens from the inside
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> I have to wind down the window and open it from the outside. It's quite fun
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> what kind of car?
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> A Nissan Pintara
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> do they sell Opel's in AU?
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> Pintara? I have no idea what the US equivalent is
[21:37] <Goon|Uni> It's grey and has an engine. That's about the extent of my car knowledge
[21:37] <tate-colorforming> Sentra or something?
[21:38] <tate-colorforming> nm
[21:38] <Goon|Uni> Apparently I'm supposed to keep it topped up with petrol

Hope you had a chuckle at my funnies.  I think I used to find them funny.  Oh well.

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