Thursday, 26 January 2012

Food Issues

For the first time ever, I'm wondering if I have food issues.
I never thought I did, I know I don't eat properly, but never thought of it as an issue.  Now I'm dreading getting on the scales tomorrow morning, because I had lunch and then the housemate made me dinner (it was healthy, yum kangaroo), but the point is that I've eaten to proper meals today and I know that I'm not going to be 90.25 again tomorrow.
Someone once mentioned me having a food disorder to me, and I just laughed, and said "answer me one question; do I look anorexic?".  Now I'm wondering if my unhealthy relationship with food is worse than I thought.
I don't know.   :(

Okay, not quite...

Okay, so about that "update every day" thing.... I'm slack.  But on a good note, as of this morning 90.25!!  Fuck yeah, almost in the 80s, freakin stoked.
Had a weird thing happen at work on Monday, had a dizzy spell, complete with gagging.  This is new for me, the nausea is a constant in my life, but practically falling into the arms of the First Aider at work?  Not one of my finest moments.  Housemate reckons low blood pressure, and I'm losing weight too quickly, but I dispute the losing weight one, because I'm not going about it in a bad way, it's just the work I do is so physical, it would be impossible to not lose weight doing what I do.  Low blood pressure I dunno, but I'll go to the doctors if it happens again.  I've been alright since then, so gonna forget about it.
So today is Aussie Day, and I'm just chilling, catching up on CAD (online comic I've neglected reading for a while), I suppose I might go watch TV with the housemate for a while... later.
Peace out!

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Starting Over

Okay, so I've re-read my last few posts here to see where I was at, looks like I'd just moved out with Bry, and was still at my old job.
Okay, since then I quit my job (basically handed in one week's notice the week before it was taken over and didn't sign the offered contract with the new company), took a month off (very nice little break, it had been waaay too long), and have started a new job.
I love my new job.  I've been there (wait, checking my payslip...) just over two months, and have fairly consistently lost a kilo a week since I started - yay!
It's a totally physical job, basically taking cartons (up to 25kgs) off a conveyor belt and stacking them on pallets, and I love it.  The people are pretty cool, made some good friends there.  No headaches, no worries - I just do my job and it all works out, loving it.
Getting back into eating right (I've been losing the weight even eating fairly badly), so hopefully I'll lose it even quicker.
Currently at 92kgs exactly, as of this morning, and from now on I'll be posting my Monday morning weight (though I weigh every morning and record it on my phone app).  I don't care about fluctuations during the week, as long as Monday is lower than the Monday before, I'm happy.
Okay, going to head back over to FitDay shortly, just want to redo all the crap I have on this page so it's up to date properly.
Peace out!