Friday, 2 September 2011

Paleo 30 Day Challenge

Hi all!
No, I didn't die, I'm not in a coma, and I haven't been teleported off the planet and fed on by a Wraith!

So after a few weeks of doing sweet fuck-all, I'm cracking the shits, big time.  I have the gym.  I have time.  So WTF is the problem??
Big goals that look impossible.  So, here is a list of goals.

Eat clean (paleo)
Water water water!
30 mins of exercise

That's it!  Everything else can go to hell, these are my three goals for the next month.

For thoese who are still reading - lol - and don't know, here's info on Paleo .

So hopefully tonight I'll be picking up a cheak cross trainer, I'm getting a mulitstation tomorrow, and tonight I'm going shopping for veggies, meat, and some fruit.  Housemate is away for a week, so I need to take advantage of his absence to fill the house with good foods, and hopefully after 7 days I'll be so into the Paleo thing when he comes and buys the usual crap I won't want any.  Or even better, he might wanna eat the same!  :D

Okay, cheerio for now!

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