Monday, 6 February 2012


I want to snuggle.  I want to feel arms around me, comforting.  I should have snuggled with Bry before he got his girlfriend, cause to ask now would be kinda awkward.

There's a guy at work, let's call him Blinky, I have the biggest... I think 'squish' is the Ace term.  But he's the only guy in a long time I've considered trying sex with.  Not that I'd ever have a chance with him.  He's just like Cam, only more mature with more baggage, and not punk.  Told him I was Ace at the pub (and explained it, of course), and he wasn't disgusted or anything, took it so well, I was surprised.  I was disappointed when I drove him home and he didn't ask me in, even though (even) I would have known what he meant.  He's a really nice guy, I don't know what the fuck I'm doing.  I didn't want any of this.  Idiot.

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