Friday, 6 April 2012

New Start

Okay.  I know I've said to before.  But now I'm back.
Bryan is moving out to live with his girlfriend, and the next four months is officially ME TIME.
I won't have much money.  Rent is half my paycheck.  Bills will be lower with just me here.  I will survive this.\

He's moving out tomorrow, and I've already planned what I'm going to do with the house.
My desk is moving into the lounge (it's his TV, so I won't have one), so I'll have my computer in there.
One couch is moving to the dining room, the other will be out of the way in the lounge.  Coffee table is also going to the dining room, and the small coffee table will move to my bedroom as a bedside table.  Moving stuff around in my bedroom to make it more what I want.
If I keep the CD player it'll go in the dinning room so I have music for when I'm cooking.
I'm getting rid of the spare desk, the spare bed, and my auntie's TV unit.  If she doesn't want it back I'll sell it, make some cash from it.

I'm doing Paleo and P90X.  I will post a picture of me on here as a starting point, and update it monthly.
Basically I'll be living off a chilli recipe that is basically beef, veggies and canned tomatoes (no additives), fruit and coffee.  That's about all I'll be able to afford.
Hopefully I'll kick the smokes, as I probably won't be able to afford them.

Finding positives from what could possibly be a bad situation for me.  And I will come out on top.

I reapplied for the RAAF, and did the YOU Session.  If they don't call me back next week I'll be calling them to check up.

Blinky has a thing for me too.  /sigh.  That could get tricky.  I can't possibly see what he sees in me, but that's just negative me talking.  Enough about that.

Talk soon.

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