Friday, 24 June 2011


Well shit.
Homeowner just came home.  It's Thursday night, scratch that, Friday morning.  She said she'd be here maybe Sat, probably Sun.  So the house was a mess, I feel so fuckin' guilty, cause she shouldn't have to come home to the mess, but at the same time, WTF???  Seriously, heads up would have been nice.  I was planning on doing all the work tomorrow after work, so much for that idea.  And she's a tad passive-aggressive, so fun times ahead for sure.  Funny, only a few hours ago I was hanging out for when she got back, because I'd be too embarrassed to eat bad food with her here, and now I'm kinda pissed that she is.
Doubt I'll get much, if any, sleep tonight, given that it's midnight, thinking about going to the gym right now to get out for a little while, but that might be too obvious.
So kinda feeling like rock and a hard place, on a good note, I'm considering doing some heavy drinking tomorrow (to...?) night, seeing as how it's been a while, and I just may puke up the calories I drink, so it's win/win, right?   ;)  Okay, so I won't drink that much, but I'd rather be punching a punching bag to vent, rather than typing, seeing as how my keyboard is so delicate.

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