Thursday, 9 June 2011

Music To My Ears

Evening peeps.  Got music on my mind.  Just finished making some CDs for a good friend of mine for her birthday.  In her words "I know you've got cool music, and I like it.  For my birthday can you make me a CD?".  Haha, she's awesome.  So it's her 16th, and I've done 5 disks for her, talk about a trip down memory lane!  About 600 songs total, and tomorrow I'll write an into for each disk for her.
Sad, I told her mum (my very close friend) that I'd come to dinner yesterday for her birthday, but didn't have enough petrol to drive there and then do work and back today.  :(  Feel bad about it, but it happens.  Pay day today, so car is full now, and happier!   :)

Today was alright, left the freakin frozen meat for my wrap at home, so had my morning and afternoon tea for lunch, and raced home to have the wrap before it got too close to dinner time.  Pissed off, forgot how you get hungry when you eat like a normal person, and I had to stay back at work today because of some massive lighting issues in the warehouse, so I was late to get home.  All sorted now, thank goodness, could have been massive losses there.

Went to the supermarket this afternoon to replace all the food of the homeowner's that I'd eaten... big mistake.  Biscuits are calling me, but I'm trying to be good.  Of course, that means keeping my mouth occupied, so smoking more.  Can't win for losing.

Three day weekend coming up, can't wait!  Cleaning might have to wait until then... :)

  Eat everything Lite N' Easy deliver - no exceptions, and nothing else. Y Y Y
  Drink at least four bottles of water a day - even weekends! Y Y Y
 Join the gym on Friday and use it!
  Take the dog for a walk at least three times. N N N
  Be honest in blog with emotions, even though two people I know IRL are reading it. Y Y Y
  Cut back the smokes, big time. Y N N

Not Fitness:
  Organise my bedroom. N N N
  Organise the rest of the house. N N N
  Water the plants. N N N
  Take mail to nursing home. Y - N  

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