Thursday, 2 June 2011

What's Around The Corner?

A 24 hour gym, that's what!  So P90X goes on the shelf until I can at least do half the moves and vaguely keep up with them, this gym has a female area upstairs, and it's dead quiet this time of day - just when I finish work.
And when I say 'around the corner' I pretty much freakin mean it... it's literally on the way home, don't know how I didn't see the sign every time I drove past it, so thanks friend in real life that will never read this anyway.

Oh, and just to explain, I don't eat.  Well, I don't eat much.  Have been known to go days without eating, cause I just don't get hungry.  Which apparently isn't good for weight loss, hence the last post me doing Lite N' Easy.  It'll be a massive struggle to eat five times a day (!!!!!), but it's possible, and joining the RAAF in this condition isn't, so what the heck.

Peace out ya'll, update tomorrow to let you know how I go.  Oh, I'll be focusing on cardio mainly first, but I will hit the weights at some stage.  Just get me on a treadmill and give me five minutes to collapse.   :D

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