Saturday, 25 June 2011


Hi all!
Had an interesting Friday night... went to a friends place (oh, you guys that know me IRL, if you can work out who I'm talking about this goes no further than the blog!  <3), and we ended up going out.  I'd only had two drinks in the four hours I'd been there, so I ended up driving my best mate's partner's car to the club.  Well that had me nervous enough, cause it's like a freakin V8 or whatever the hell powermachines are called, and I'm used to driving a tiny bitch-car, but we picked up my friend's niece from the station and got to the club okay.
There's a place I like to park, because it's where the band members also park, so I parked it there, and we went in.
Had a fun night, the band was great, and for those that don't know me, I can't dance to normal cub kinda music, I only dig the old school rock, and the band are a coverband that do a mix of old and new.  So it could be Metallica one minute, and Rhianna the next, nice little mix.
Around 3amish we decide to call if a night (especially when I saw a police officer come in and chat to security), and we went outside.  Well three police cars next, there's some incident in the car park.  Now, my friends are fairly smashed, and I only had one drink when we first got to the club, so I was fine to drive, but the guy bleeding from his face learning on my mate's car kinda derailed that plan.  I calmed down my friend who was fairly freaking out, and went to speak to an officer that couldn't tell me anything.  :S
Long story short, eventually face-bleeding guy and his friends left, and security told us that we could go, so we got back to their place safely, despite my returning nerves at driving someone else's car.
When we got back to my mate's, we were standing in the kitchen talking, and I took off my necklace, when I saw blood on my hand.  WTF?!  So we started to go to the car to see if there was blood on it, when I realized that I had some strange dude's blood on my hand.  That's when the freaking started.  Don't get me wrong, if it was my friend's blood, or someone I knew it wouldn't bother me, but some guy that obviously got into a fight in not the best part of Melbourne?  I don't want his blood on me.  To be honest it still kinda bothers me, but trying not to think of it.
So that's my latest story from that nightclub (let's call it The Dirty V... cause it's name starts with V and it is kinda seedy...).  Technically the police didn't say we could take the car, but it wasn't being treated like a crime scene, and as far as I know they haven't contacted my friend, so that's probably the last we'll hear of it.
I would like to say thanks to all good security guards out there, you cop a lot of shit to keep us safe!  <3

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