Wednesday, 8 June 2011


I dunno.  Shitty tonight I guess.  Bit out of sorts.
No mail to take to Michael, so that's a plus.  Smoked way too much today.  Think I need to make a rule that I'm not allowed to smoke inside.  Just tough that where I'm living the owner smokes inside, so I can to.  Everywhere else I've stayed at was with non-smokers, so way too easy to sit here in front of the computer and smoke.
Had fun last night, even though Star Wars night turned into movie night cause two usuals couldn't make it.  J invited two of his mates and we watched Serenity, one of my favorite movies.
Been thinking lately about me.  You know that saying, no one will love you until you love yourself?  God I hope that's not true.  I'm over being alone.

 Eat everything Lite N' Easy deliver - no exceptions, and nothing else. Y Y
 Drink at least four bottles of water a day - even weekends! Y Y
Join the gym on Friday and use it!
 Take the dog for a walk at least three times. N N
 Be honest in blog with emotions, even though two people I know IRL are reading it. Y Y
 Cut back the smokes, big time. Y N

Not Fitness:
 Organise my bedroom. N N
 Organise the rest of the house. N N
 Water the plants. N N
 Take mail to nursing home. Y -

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