Tuesday, 7 June 2011


So not liking the sidebar thing, might just add goal updates at the bottom of the post of the day (yes, I know I've done three posts today, but they're different topics...)

So here are this week's goals;

Eat everything Lite N' Easy deliver - no exceptions, and nothing else.  Y
Drink at least four bottles of water a day - even weekends!  Y
Join the gym on Friday and use it!
Take the dog for a walk at least three times.  N
Be honest in blog with emotions, even though two people I know IRL are reading it.  Y
Cut back the smokes, big time.  Y

Not Fitness:
Organise my bedroom.  N
Organise the rest of the house.  N
Water the plants.  N
Take mail to nursing home.  Y
By the way, nursing homes are creepy.  Don't wanna think about being a resident in one, ever.

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